Top things i still need for my kitchen


If you have read my first post, you will know that i am moving soon.  And upon graduation i happened to get a gift car to my favorite store ever, Sur La Table.  I decided before I go in and have a frenzy in the kitchen gadget section that i need to have a list of kitchen tools that i actually NEED…so here it goes.

1) Food mill (for perfect mashed taters)

2) Chinois (so my sauces aren’t lumpy and un-strained)

3) Doughnut pan…because who doesn’t like doughnuts?

4)Fondue pot!!!! (maybe i don’t need one but i really really want one!)

Ok i need to stop because i will keep going on and on. Too bad Sur La Table is so freaking expensive! It’s more reasonable than William’s Sonoma though! It looks as though i will just have to go into the store and pace for hours until I decide what i want to spend my money on. Decisions, decisions…


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