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Pasta is my best friend


If there is one word of kitchen advise i can give, it would be to always have at least one pack of noodles of some sort in the pantry.  Pasta makes a perfect one-dish meal that you can throw any thing in…anything and it will be delicious.  Think about it…what protein does not go well with pasta? Chicken? Shrimp? Beef? Tofu? Pork? ANY of those can be thrown in a well planned or last minute pasta dish.  Same with veggies (for the most part). Thats the beauty of pasta, ESPECIALLY when you cant think of anything to make for dinner and you have food in your fridge that needs to be used up.

My boyfriend and I move into our new house in just 2 days, which is super exciting, but it also means we have first and last months rent to pay along with deposits.  Talk about a wallet drainer.  Lately we have been very tight with our money when it comes to spending it on food and eating out.  Lucky for us, we had penne pasta on hand along with some butter, cream, garlic, mushrooms, and spinach in the fridge.  I made a quick run to Fred Meyer’s to pick up a pound of shrimp and some parmesean cheese.  Long story short, was able to easily throw together a garlic alfredo sauce (i also added some chopped up sun dried tomatoes for a tasty twist), and cook up the shrimp and mushrooms along with the pasta.  Throw it all together, and add some spinach to wilt down and we had quite the tasty meal in a pinch!

I have made countless of other pasta dishes with what ingredients i have on hand and they all manage to turn out quite delicious.  Pasta is easy, quick and tasty. It can save the day when you don’t feel like going too crazy in the kitchen